Personal Statement 1 Parental Role

Be patient with kids and try to be more understanding than being authoritative.

Respect children as individuals.



SV experience in SAF–I am a soldier!!!

I completed the Basic Training (26/03-07/04) in Singapore Army Forces from 26 March to 7 April. I have really mulled over some reflections as listed below.

Firstly, I have raised my awareness of time management and thus I will improve my effectiveness as well as efficiency and complete

tasks within stipulated time in the future. Time really matters.

Secondly, during the training, I discovered my faults and failings, and have decided to strengthen hands-on skills. I have always been very slow in assembling and disassembling weapons simply due to the lack of hands-on skills.

Thirdly, I have got to meet lots of excellent soldiers, such as Gen, a young lady with strong leadership skills and problem-solving skills which have influenced me a lot.

I really enjoyed the trip to Tekong, such as sleeping on the ground, or with a tent, individual walk through the forest, learn the first aid, leopard crawling etc. However, if you asked me whether I would like to go to Tekong again and the answer is a definite “no”.

In conclusion, the experience in the army makes my really physically and mentally stronger. Thanks to the SAF for giving me such a great opportunity!

My favorite buddy!