Teaching Methodology-to be updated

Prepare for work:

remember heads name search internet

Improve students’ confidence and speaking skills

1.  adopt Rivervale Primary School’s Special Student Development Programme:  create a platform to develop students to be confident speakers by providing them the opportunity to share stories, recite poems or present slides on interesting topics on the stage to their friends in the morning.

Pretask: seek parents’ help to prepare short speeches or stories

During the task: nominate two-three students to give a short talk or speech before class starts every lesson. The topic ranges from self-introduction to keeping pets, depending on students’ interests.

Take a video of the students

Post-task: feedback to students and parents

Personal Mission Statements to be updated


Personal Mission statement:


Focus all abilities and efforts on the task at hand



Be humble

Listen more than speak


Relationship with husband

Love him more and respect him

put me in his shoes

first understand then seek to be understood


Filial Duty:

Contact parents more

Buy small gifts to them through taobao

Relationship with my sister:

care more about Shen Wei




Parental Role

Set example to children ( clean, values)

Be patient with kids try to be more understanding than being authoritative


Create a clean and orderly home for family




I would like to share this with more people who need help for the interview at MOE.

Part 1 Scenario questions

A teacher, Ivan, is a very responsible and caring teacher who has received a lot of commendations and praise from students and parents. He also teaches outside the school even at home to help the students. Once the head of the department has informed him to stop seeing students outside of school. You notice that he is still seeing students outside the school. What will you do? Why?

Part 2. Demo teaching

They behaved as naughty students and stopped me after around 5 minutes. During my demo, they asked questions for example, “Teacher, the animal is small” or “teacher, you have not taught yet and how can you ask us to answer” as they are very experienced teachers.

Questions like “孩子学了犀牛、海狮,如何确保新加坡孩子永久地记住这些词汇,而不是过几天就忘了”。我回答了可以组织field trips, formative assessment, 第二天复习再隔一个礼拜再复习,甚至做个自己的小字典,但是我总觉得说的不够好。1.Why do you choose P1 as your demo teaching?

“ P1 is foundational and everything should start from basic and my daughter is also K1”

2.“Which levels are you going to teach?”





这段日子最难熬,因为四个人的offer都下来了,收到邮件,我都急破头了,礼拜三实在忍不住,给MOF负责给政府职员发薪水的人联系一下,结果拜四就拿到了。急得我连结婚纪念日都忘了。薪水还给我涨了几百块,真乐! 比我拿到offer前一天预算的还多了$140。



我的同事听到我去了教育部都感觉脸色都变了,他们新加坡人都懂教育部工资高、福利好、更受人尊重,我同事讲是“a prestigeous job and I get better pay and respect.” 貌似中国人不太懂。我真的是签合同那天发现我成了政府公务员了。真有趣!我爸一直希望我考中国公务员,结果我一不小心成了新加坡的公务员了。